Tablet Script Viewer

The Rundown Creator Tablet Script Viewer on the iPad and iPad Mini

Rundown Creator's Tablet Script Viewer allows you to view your scripts on an iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablet, and other devices. Scripts update in real-time as changes are made, so you always have the latest version of your scripts at your fingertips.

How to access the Tablet Script Viewer

1. Log in to Rundown Creator using the web browser on your tablet.

2. Load the rundown you want.

3. Tap on the title/date of the rundown to bring up the rundown menu.

How to get to the Tablet Script Viewer

4. Select the option for "Tablet Script Viewer."


Due to technical limitations, the Tablet Script Viewer will not update on many tablets while you're scrolling. If you want to make sure it does update, simply take your fingers off of the touchscreen every once in a while, letting the scrolling motion come to a complete stop, and the Tablet Script Viewer will update.